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Cannabis Regulators of Color Coalition (CRCC) is a coalition of current and former government officials appointed and/or selected to lead, manage and oversee the regulatory and policy implementation for legal medical and adult-use cannabis markets across the United States and abroad. 

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The Mission


Cannabis Regulation

Pioneering the development of innovative government programs that seek to acknowledge and address the harms of the racially-biased enforcement of cannabis prohibition, also known as the War on Drugs.


Industry Best Practices 
& Innovative Policy 

Collaborating to develop

innovative legislative concepts and regulatory frameworks designed to be successful for all stakeholders, from municipalities to cannabis operators to communities previously targeted by cannabis prohibition. 

Cannabis Competency
& Standardization

Aggregating data-driven insights and industry benchmarks to educate all stakeholders and to help local, state and federal lawmakers, law enforcers, and policy leaders implement evidence-based, equitable cannabis regulations. 

“The leading architects of cannabis equity and policy reform in the United States."

Interested in CRCC membership? 

We offer membership to state, county and municipal government officials, appointees, and employees ONLY. Membership is limited to individuals whose work directly or indirectly the development of regulated cannabis markets, including hemp and marijuana, medical and adult-use markets.


Membership is not available to cannabis industry companies and organizations.

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