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Rows of Pillars

Equity-Centered Principles

The Cannabis Regulators of Color Coalition (CRCC) is a coalition of government officials appointed or selected to lead, manage, and oversee regulatory and policy implementation for legal medical and adult-use cannabis markets across the nation and abroad. As leaders in post-prohibition cannabis policy, we focus on equity-centered regulation, industry best practices, and cannabis competency and standardization.


Our mission is to be a source of education for legislators and government agencies that aim to identify and eliminate racial disparities in cannabis policy and build sustainable cannabis regulatory frameworks designed to deliver on the reparative and restorative potential of the global cannabis legalization and decriminalization movement.


Described as the leading architects of cannabis equity and policy reform in the United States, our collaboration strategy is to work with stakeholders who believe in our values and commit to our shared goals. We believe all cannabis laws and regulations must include these ten principles of governance and policy:

Principles of Governance

Principles of Policy

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